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Health Benefits

Aristotle Air

Breathe Easy.

While we set out to design an energy-efficient classroom unit ventilator, we soon realized that being “green” wasn’t enough – we also needed it to be healthy!

Inoperative and/or blocked outdoor dampers on outdated ventilation units often create an inadequate supply of fresh air, raising CO2 levels in the classroom – reducing a student’s cognitive ability and causing drowsiness.

Aristotle Air units ensure proper ventilation, helping to avoid the build-up of CO2 pollutants, improving both classroom air and student performance.

Classrooms can also be the perfect breeding ground for germs. Most are too hot or too cold, with millions of viral and bacterial organisms swirling around. Contagious illnesses can shut down an entire school.

Aristotle Air unit ventilators are engineered to meet hospital and laboratory air quality and sterilization standards. By incorporating shortwave ultraviolet light (UVC) technology and high filtration-grade MERV filters, we are able to inactivate and remove airborne bacterial and viral organisms, molds, and odors.

Additional benefits are gained when volatile organic compounds (VOCs – the result of off-gassing from paints, carpets and cleaning chemicals) are converted into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor.


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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School

Lori Phillips, Principal

"We immediately noticed an improvement in air quality. The constant influx of fresh air made for a healthier classroom. That, coupled with the technology that kills viruses and bacteria, really affected the health of our students and our teachers. There was also substantial energy savings for the classrooms where we installed these units. They ran at a far higher efficiency level and the cost savings were dramatic. More than 40% reduction in energy use to heat those classrooms."

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