Aristotle Air

Energy Savings

Aristotle Air

Good for the environment and the bottom line.

Depending on the region, winter outdoor air is often 20°F to 40°F lower than inside temperatures, and in some cold-weather zones, that delta can span 70°F! Maintaining a comfortable classroom temperature is both expensive and hard on the environment.

Aristotle Air employs Heat Exchange Technology, harnessing the energy of already-heated ‘stale’ indoor air and using it to warm fresh outside air. By capturing ambient air before it is exhausted outdoors, Aristotle Air requires less energy to maintain a constant room temperature.

Taking advantage of this free energy, the environment benefits from energy savings, and schools benefit from cost savings.

  • Count on a 3-5 year ROI
  • Save up to $660/year per unit
  • Recover 2 tons of Free Energy each winter and 1 ton each summer
  • Save in shoulder seasons using unit ‘Economizer’ mode
  • Downsize boilers and piping
  • Enjoy Energy Rebates, including the ‘Made in Michigan’ rebate



Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools

Mike Buell, Superintendent

“We converted two different wings of an old school to a new heating system. We replaced one large 4,000,000 BTU boiler with two 500,000 BTU high-efficiency units. This changeover took place during the heating season, after school hours, with no inconvenience whatsoever to our teachers or students. Because the heat recovery system was so efficient in utilizing the indoor temperature to sustain our comfort level, we were able to put off firing up the boilers for a full month. This, along with the energy efficiency of the units, saved us over 43% on our gas bills!”

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