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Our installations of Aristotle Air unit ventilators have proven superior performance and extensive cost and energy savings. The following details a tested simulation as well as an installed, running unit where the numbers add up to significant efficiencies.

Northern Michigan Elementary School Simulation

A simulation was conducted to measure natural gas usage with the Aristotle Air unit ventilator against a standard classroom unit ventilator. The results show an annual natural gas cost savings of over 48% when using the Aristotle Air unit (annual natural gas cost of $262 vs. $505 with the standard unit).

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Immaculate Conception Elementary School Results

In single classroom results, the Aristotle Air units dramatically reduced the school’s energy requirements, saving more than 19,530 BTUs per hour over the previous traditional system. This equates to a typical 30-40% savings on energy costs.

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School

Lori Phillips, Principal

"We immediately noticed an improvement in air quality. The constant influx of fresh air made for a healthier classroom. That, coupled with the technology that kills viruses and bacteria, really affected the health of our students and our teachers. There was also substantial energy savings for the classrooms where we installed these units. They ran at a far higher efficiency level and the cost savings were dramatic. More than 40% reduction in energy use to heat those classrooms."

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